TFA & PSC Partnership Announced

Partnership Announcement (April 16'):

TFA & Pasadena S.C. complete formal partnership to form the San Gabriel Valley Region.

We are pleased to announce that TFA and Pasadena S.C. have mutually reached an agreement to partner together. This alliance formed will serve the local communities in the

San Gabriel Valley areas as well as allow TFA to expand its footprint in Southern California along with its philosophy and player development strategies.

This region will be referred to as TFA - SGV (PSC)

For tryouts and more information, please contact Miguel at:

(626) 673-8252

TEAMS: BOYS: B2010, B2009, B2008, B2008 White, B2007, B2006, B2005, B2004, B2003, B2002, B2001, G2001.

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